13.07.2017  | Sawdust

From the sawdust obtained during the manufacturing process, ecologically clean solid fuel and furniture plates are produced. 100% of all the sawdust volume is made of conifer sawdust. Only clean sawdust, free from external organic or mechanical impurities is delivered to the client. The humidity of the sawdust is natural, ranging from 45% to 50%

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13.07.2017  | Woodchips

During the manufacturing process, Russia North West Sawmill 47 produces wood slivers (technological slivers or wood chips) which are used for the production of bio-fuel and furniture plates. Technological slivers of the wood processing company: By type of timber conforms to the sawdust structure: 100% of conifer wood. Moisture: Green, As Received (30 % –

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13.07.2017  | Sawn Spruce Timber

The spruce we uses grows in the North-West of Russia. This ensures excellent properties to our sawn timber from the very beginning. Our spruce sawn timber is typically dense, has sound knots and uniform quality. The most common and cultivated coniferous tree in Europe and Russia is the spruce, from which whitewood is produced. The

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13.07.2017  | Sawn Pine Timber

Our export graded pine is used in Europe, Middle East and China for high-quality furniture, interior lining products as well as industrial construction. Pine sawn timber is dried and graded and careful control carried out. This is done considering the requirements of each end use. Good drying, precise dimensions and grading are the strengths of

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